160622 - map of selenia

Selenia and it's cities.Pictured from 1 - 5: The capital of Selenia Heliopolis Blackwood, Northport, Southport, Lunaton

Selenia is an island nation situated in the southern hemisphere of Earth. The island is nicknamed 'The Crescent Moon Isle' and 'The Green Moon Isle' by people from the mainland. Selenia is currently inhabiting 4,000,000 people, making it the largest island nation currently.

The nation, though an island nation, is almost entirely self-sufficient. The island also houses two of the worlds greatest universities, and the town of Northport is the typical student town boasting with great opportunities for university students.

History Edit

The first appearance of humans Edit

The first appearance of humans on the island occurred somewhere around 50 - 30 000 years before the Human revolution